Reforming the Education Sector

Bookgroup was founded in 1988 by teachers of the C.A.S. School as a non-profit, educational research organization. It's main objective is to initiate institutional reform in the education sector.

The strategy of the Bookgroup is three-fold:

  • To redefine the content of learning by developing and printing alternative textbooks and teachers' guides which serve as instruments of change;
  • By working closely with government and private sector schools;
  • To dialogue with the government, on the basis of these interventions, for reviewing its education policies and bringing about a fundamental change in the public sector schooling so that students of modest means may also receive quality education.

Bookgroup has printed over 170 modern, colourful and pedagogically sound alternative textbooks for school-age children, and are being used by more than 2000 high-to low-fee schools across Pakistan.

In 1995, on the initiative of Bookgroup, the proposal made to the Aga Khan University (AKU) for establishing The Aga Khan Examination Board was approved through an Ordinance in April 2003 by the Federal Ministry of Education.